Rising Professionals Committee

Rising Professionals Committee

The Rising Professionals Committee (RPC) provides insight and recommendations to create a foundation for AACE’s value to younger individuals who are rising in their careers in total cost management.

What is the RPC?

Vision: To develop and connect upcoming project controls research and talent with practice.

Objective: To serve a niche area of AACE by focusing on young and rising talent.

We do this by developing and implementing programs to help you by:

  • Providing best in practice standards, research, and resources
  • Mentorship from within AACE
  • Exposure to cutting edge advances in the sector, and opportunities to participate in it.
We actively work with the universities, research labs, and industry to ensure the rising talent is equipped and well-exposed to drive the next leg of the innovation in project controls.


Things to watch in the coming year:

Social media outreach and content strategy: themes, feature profiles, webinars
  • University outreach: propose a student membership model
  • Organizational outreach: planning RPC representation across sections and regions
  • Technical Board offering support to new authors

Meet the team:

Below is the current structure of RPC. We’re all friendly, talented and driven. Regardless of whether you’d like to contribute, or know how you could benefit from us, let us know!
(Click on the links to connect on LinkedIn.)

Chair: Sunny Goklani

Academia Outreach: Daniel P. Gilmour, PSP
Collaborate with universities, professors, and students; strategize student-level involvement in project controls and AACE International

Industry Outreach: Mir Mostafa Ahmad
Networks with companies who are involved with AACE to bring new talent and opportunities

Organizational Outreach: Sandra M. Mejia Villegas, P.Eng.
Connecting with AACE's regional directors and section leaders; recruits and manages RPC representatives in different regions; coordinates with regional RPC representatives to globally scale our efforts

Content & Events: Daniel Sweeney
Creates and reposts interactive content to be shared on social media platforms; conceptualizes and manages special events like webinars; develops content strategy including LinkedIn

Board of Directors: Vice President-Administration: Christopher P. Caddell, PE CCP DRMP

AACE International Headquarters Liaison: Director: Governance, Marketing, & Meetings: Jennie M. Cunningham-Amos

Spotlight on Rising Professionals

Spotlight on Rising Professionals articles are included in Source magazine. Source is available free of charge to members and non-members alike.

Here are three sample articles:

Do you know of someone that should be featured? If so, please connect with Sunny Goklani and Daniel Sweeney.

Technical Article:

Recruiting, Managing, and Retaining the Millennial Generation in Project Controls
by: Daniel P. Gilmour, PSP and Andrew D. Corson
The article begins on page 15.

Join the RPC/Contribute:

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